Superstition has it that if you break a mirror you will receive 7 years of bad luck. This could have had its origins in Roman times when people used look at their reflection in gazing pools before mirrors were invented. In those days they believed their reflection was their soul and it was considered an evil trick for someone to throw a stone into the pool distrupting the reflection and bringing bad luck to its owner.

Another theory is that in Victorian times, vanity mirrors were very expensive and could only be afforded by saving for several (seven) years. If one was broken it would be a catastrophe and very bad luck.

Mirrors have always been mystical and magical and feature in many stories (Snow White and The Seven Dwarves, Perseus and Medusa) and they are also used fequently in magic and illusions. Everything we see is an illusion and a trick of the light (seven colours of the spectrum bouncing off objects) What we see depends entirely on how we personally interpet it. Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. 'Lies' being the appropriate word because we often see what we want to see rather than the real truth.

Like a mirror life reflects itself, reproduces, replicates and splits, from single cells to complex creatures, everything is split into symmetry and opposites, The human body like almost every other living thing is symmetrical. Think of the way your arm and legs are jointed. Arms bend one way and legs bend the opposite way.


Our brains are in two halves one side is rational and the other emotional.
All humans, male and female are made from a male and a female, so every single person is both male and female (but to different degrees) regardless of their physical sex people range from very feminine males to extremley butch women and everything in between)

LEONARDO DA VINCI, could draw and write simultaneously and he wrote backwards in mirror writing.
I believe that this is because he could command both halves of his brain at the same time not becauses he was hiding anything, ( mirror writing is a pretty poor way for a genius to disguise his secrets), if you try writing your name with both hands simultaniously the natural thing to do is to write in reverse with one hand.

Da Vinci's most famous work The Mona Lisa is rumoured to be a self portrait, Da Vinci's feminine side.

From studying nature Da Vinci noticed that the proportions of natural objects including the human body were based on a simple mathematical formula. The Fibonnachi system (1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21 etc..), our ideal of what we consider to be beautiful is closely related to this formula of natural proportion from works of art to the proprtions of your credit card. That is why we consider so much of nature is beautiful because it follows this devine proportion.

There is an unmistakeably 'design' to life and nature which is way beyond the capabilites of humans who are but part of the grand design themselves.

Brother you'd better watch out for the skin deep
The Stranglers

I'll be your mirror reflect what you are. in case you don't know
Velvet Underground